SUPER INGA MARKET is the only store to shop for anything Super Inga-related.

Super Inga first leapt into the public consciousness in the award-winning feature film DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!  Most recently, the Stunning Swede has spun off into her own comic book, available only HERE. 

As Fangoria said "One of the most flat-out entertaining grassroots genre features in recent years was DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!, and the franchise isn’t dead yet." (April 2012)

Every product sold at SUPER INGA MARKET contains 100% certified genuine authentic ideas and materials.  Everything we make-- whether it's a movie, comic book or T-shirt-- is made because we wanted it to exist.  And now you can own it.

Remember, when it comes to pricing our merchandise, the Zombastic motto has always been:

Even broke cheapskates should be able to afford this crap.

Zombastic Productions was founded in 2001. And we have stayed true to our ideals for over a decade.

Viva Zombastica!