• Image of SUPER INGA volume 2: The Golden Braid Edition™

ZombieBomb! delivers another unforgettable 32-page tome that picks up where Volume 1 left off. Words and pictures by (who else but) Haig Demarjian with stunning color by Sara Robertson. Find out whatever happened to Hack Derby and enjoy this jam-packed bonanza of pin-ups and special guests like Geoff Mosher, Gary John Reynolds, Chris "Tallboy" Coulon, Beck Rustic, Dave Ferreira and MORE!

Be one of the first to purchase the very special Golden Braid Edition™ which includes ALL THIS:
- ZombieBomb! Presents: The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA Volume 2 – a lavish, 32-page Collector’s Item issue packed with two stories and bonus pin-ups.
- PLUS! an exclusive signed and numbered Limited Edition fold-out poster by Haig Demarjian
- PLUS! a signed, double-sided Mondo Chachi bonus comic by Geoff Mosher
- PLUS! your official Golden Braid Brigade™ membership badge!
- EVEN a temporary tattoo!
- AND… you’ll get special access to the bonecrunchingly delicious Super Inga themesong by Mexican Ape-Lord!

YOUR CHOICE: the book comes clad in either Dave Ferreira "SciFi Bonanza" cover OR the Adam Miller "Dead Baron" variant cover-- either way, YOU WIN!

YOUR CHOICE: get it "raw" or get it AUTOGRAPHED by Hevvy Haig Demarjian-- Either way, it's the SAME LOW PRICE!!