• Image of SUPER INGA the comic book! [with 2nd issue preview]

This is the same comic that debuted at Boston Comic Con 2012 and SOLD OUT it's first print run. But now it's available again, this time in a special BONUS PREVIEW PACK EDITION!

Zombastic teamed with ZombieBomb, the smash-hit zombie comic anthology series so that the spectacular SUPER INGA can spin out of her featured role in the cult smash film DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS! and burn rubber into an old-school Barbarella-style sci-fi superhero romp.

With tongue in cheek and buckle firmly swashed, DYZB! co-creator HAIG DEMARJIAN is at the helm, writing and drawing this one with color by Spider-Man’s own ADAM STREET. A unique bonus backstory and plenty of pin-ups (including one by DYZB!s star serial-killer superhero, TIM GERSTMAR) round out the book.

The Bonus Preview Pack Edition includes:

- ZombieBomb Presents: The NEW Adventures of SUPER INGA – the lavish, 32-page collector’s item debut issue jam-packed with two stories and bonus pin-ups. (see picture)

- PLUS! the 5-Page Sneak Preview of... SUPER INGA 2! (see picture)

- PLUS! your exclusive key to unlock the secret Super Inga THEMESONG by Mexican Ape-Lord... be the first on your block to bang your head to this masterpiece of metal mayhem!

All at a price that even broke cheapskates can afford!

Remember, Lloyd Kaufman (creator of the Toxic Avenger) claims "Super Inga is my favorite comic book of the year. Super Inga explodes all over every page... and so will you!"